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Today’s software-defined economy requires businesses to move faster than their competitors. Speed and agility is critical to keeping up with competitive demands for new applications and big data analytics, as well maintaining existing infrastructure.

Many enterprise organizations and their software developers are turning to OpenStack® for its open APIs, flexible architecture and large commercial ecosystem to compete in a completely new paradigm of software development and deployment.

According to Gartner, “The modular architecture of OpenStack provides extreme flexibility in terms of implementation, particularly when compared with the fixed-function design of many monolithic commercial CMPs.

CloudOval provides integratet solution for service calculation, customer on-boarding and management of its private cloud and for the administrator to manage all available resources, services and customers. It is flexible, fast and easy to use.


CloudOval provides the tools and technologies to abstract the underlying infrastructure in an easy and standardized consumption model. CloudOval use OpenStack which sits on virtual or physical Compute, Network and Storage technologies and provides the APIs and tools to access these resources in an agile and programmatic manner. CloudOval interfaces with the underlying infrastructure through open source or vendorprovided drivers. This standardized abstraction helps prevent customers from being locked into a specific technology or tool. CloudOval provides additional services such as identity management, orchestration, and metering. 


Open code

Open code means faster bug identification and fixes thanks to full transparency and more eyes analysing the code. There is a process in place for developers involved in the community to securely report suspected vulnerabilities.

OpenStack security dedicated team

OpenStack.org provides oversight and tools to ensure secure code and notify users of vulnerabilities and resolutions.